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Coming from fairly humble means, it was out of necessity that I began shopping at thrift stores early on...This happenstance was fortuitous because since that time long ago (well, in the early 90s), I've turned what seemed like an addiction, into a business, selling my finds in boutiques around LA, to established designers as inspiration pieces, and in bulk to resale stores. This store however, is to a lesser extent for the purpose of business, than it is show what I like in fashion, interiors, art, and a little bit of philosphy. In addition, I created this site to make sure these particular pieces land in the right hands, because if it's here, it's a prized piece that I either created or found and love.

I think of shopping at thrift stores as prospecting; since sometimes you strike gold. Along the way, you may run into a pirate or two, but it's fun nonetheless.

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